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Quelles Conques !!

Quelles Conques !!   are not so ordinary as the signification of the french word « quelconque » would suggest.

Quelles Conques !!   associate different forms of artistic expression and conviviality to southern France’s garigue

Situated at a place called Les Conques, crossed by a discovery path of the district of Arpaillargues near Uzes, we are going a little farer by inviting the walker to leave the track, go down to visit a stone hut on the bottom of the vineyard and to discover the “Very Small museum” inside. A place to take a cool rest and to learn a bit more about this curious constructions called “capitelles”

At the other side of the path, other curiosities are waiting for the visitors: The installations of artistic director Ursula Warnecke.

Here you can make a stop on a picnic place near a smaller “Capitelle” and enjoy an exceptional view on the duchy of Uzes.

Quelles Conques !!   plan also to organize at the same place temporary events like art expositions coming with convivial mood and small dishes to taste.

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