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 Here you are, climbing a few stone stairs to enter the place. Now you can discover some surprising installations made by Ursula Warnecke:


«  Le très petit Musée » 

 If you are a bit curious, you can go down the vineyard, where you can visit a very beautiful stone house. Inside you will find a guest book with informations about history and construction of those stonehouses, and also "Le très petit Musée" (The very small Museum)


« O Futur »

 In our oceans, plastic trash from all over the planet is forming what is already called the 6th continent 


Like in a cristal ball predicting futur, pieces of plastic bags are spinning around in an aquarium



« L'Echo du Paysage »

A phonic bench invites us to sit and have a look at the view, but not only that. When you are comfortable seated, a voice coming from nowhere is talking to us. Who is talking like that? Listen!


permanent installations
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